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Where Can You Buy Bagasse Tableware?

May 19, 2022
In recent years, bagasse tableware has been widely used in various food packaging applications. It’s an eco green alternative to plastic and paper disposable tableware.

Bagasse, also known as sugarcane fiber, is the plant fiber left over after the sugary juice is extracted from sugar cane. Since it is a waste product, it is renewable and has little impact on the environment. Compared to plastics that can take up to 400 years to degrade and Styrofoam, which never degrades, bagasse is one of the most environmentally friendly food packaging materials.

It is sturdier and more eco-friendly than regular plastic and paper products. The material is thicker. A growing number of foodservice filed business are learning that sugarcane bagasse helps to protect the environment and the company’s budget.

Bagasse is 100% biodegradable and compostable. There is no need to worry about any negative impact it may have on the environment after use. It can be thrown away with other household or commercial waste, it will decompose within 90 days without any human intervention. It is also grease and water resistant, microwaveable and freezer-safe.

Where can you buy bagasse tableware?

After knowing so many bagasse advantages, we know that bagasse is eco-friendly and food-friendly. But where can you buy it? We recommend HEFEI CRAFT TABLEWARE CO., LTD., you can source your bagasse tableware and food packaging from this company.

HEFEI CRAFT TABLEWARE CO., LTD. is reliable China bagasse tableware manufacturer with 10 years exporting experience in eco tableware field. They aim to provide environmentally friendly solutions to the earth, also the helpful guidance to your green business. They are deeply trusted by clients all over the world, such as Europe, USA, Australia, Southeast Asia and so on.

sugarcane bagasse tableware-HEFEI CRAFT TABLEWARE CO., LTD.

Their factory covers an area of 3,500 square meters and has more than 200 Workers & Employees. The company has advanced fully automated production equipment, professional R&D and production technology and management team, and they has a complete production process and quality management system.

In addition to bagasse lunch boxes, they also have sugarcane bagasse plates, eco friendly bagasse cups and lids, compostable bagasse cutlery, biodegradable bagasse tray and bagasse dishes.

If your company business currently uses paper, styrofoam or plastic, the bagasse tableware is an eco alternative. Any interest in sugarcane bagasse products, please don't hesitate to contact them(email: They can provide samples and accept OEM orders.
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